Dog Grooming Services

Hydrobath - $15Arnie, Lilly & Elvis
A quick flea bath and towel dry using our hydrobath. Your dog will be clean and flea free. No booking required, just turn up.
Wash & Dry – from $20*
A flea rinse and deep cleansing shampoo and blow dry. Your dog will be extra clean and completely dry from our high velocity hair dryer. A quick brush also removes any loose undercoat or burrs and prickles.
Nail Clipping - $10
Nails will be trimmed back to the quick and sharp edges removed. If the quick is nicked, styptic powder will be used to clot the bleeding.
Groom Out and Tidy Up – from $40*
The same deep cleansing bath and blow dry plus a groom out and/or tidy up. Your dog will receive a full brush out removing the undercoat and loose hair and breaking any small knots and tangles. We will also clip and scissor around their face, feet and sanitary areas to give them a nice tidy up. Nails will also be trimmed and sharp edges removed and ears will be cleaned and dried. A great option to stay neat and tidy between full clips.
Full Clip or Shave Off – from $60*
A complete style cut. Just as the “Tidy Up” your dog will receive a deep cleansing bath and blow dry including a brush out to remove any undercoat and small knots and tangles. Face, feet and sanitary areas will be tidied as well as a complete haircut to suit your or your dogs requirements. Providing your dog’s coat is not overly matted we can usually do any length/lengths and particular styles that you prefer.
Please note that any heavy matting may not be able to be brushed out, particularly around the ear leathers. Heavy matting will unfortunately usually need to be clipped off at a short length. This is the safest practice as brushing out heavy matting can be very painful for the dog and runs the risk of splitting or tearing the skin.  
About our Services and Salon
At Pet Deli we offer a professional dog grooming service 6 days per week, Monday – Saturday. We offer a full range of services including hydrobaths, nail trimming, wash & dry, groom outs, tidy up’s and full clipping services. All grooming services are conducted in our air conditioned salon located within the store. The salon is a secure and safe environment behind closed doors. Each dog is separated in large cages to maintain a happy and stress free environment while tether points are used to secure dogs while on the table or in the bath to prevent slips and falls. We never overbook to avoid overcrowding of the salon.
At Pet Deli we rate hygiene very importantly. As such the cleanliness and hygiene of our salon (and store) are maintained to the highest standards with every dog entering the salon being bathed in a flea rinse to maintain 100% parasite control. Our rooms and equipment are cleaned and disinfected daily to ensure a clean, sterile, flea free and healthy workplace and environment for your dogs.
We strongly suggest you book a couple of days in advance for grooming services. Although it is not a requirement to book ahead, we may not be able to fit you in if it is a busy day. When bringing your dog for grooming please be aware that it is a long process and allow up to 4 hours for the work to be completed (typically 2-3 hours). It is best to provide us with a contact number so that we may call you when your dog is ready, at which point you are free to pick your dog up at your own leisure.
Please note we can not allow you to enter the salon and be present while grooming is being undertaken. Not only would this compromise our insurance and workplace health and safety requirements, but most dogs will become agitated or excitable and twitchy when owners are present, consequently making the task of dog grooming incredibly difficult.
For clips and tidy up’s each haircut is tailored to your specific requests by discussing your preferences directly the groomers at Pet Deli. The groomers are happy to go over your options, make recommendations and discuss with you your needs to achieve the results you desire. The groomers at Pet Deli are very experienced at dog grooming having worked professionally for many years with a broad variety of dog breeds and their many unique requirements.
Grooming is available 6 days per week - Monday to Saturday
Hours: 9am to 5pm Mon-Fri
          8am to 4pm Sat
Above prices are for small breeds of dog eg. mini poodle, maltese, shitzu. Heavily matted/knotty dogs may incur an extra, small surcharge ($5-$10) due to the extra work involved.
Larger breeds of dogs are priced according to the work involved. For an approximate quote on a large breed of dog, please either email us via the contact form or give us a call during business hours.
For an accurate, no obligation quote on your larger breed please bring the dog in store for viewing by the groomer.